FAcademics, LLC


  • Private and Paired Tutoring

A year round service designed to provide reteaching, enriching and advancement activities for all levels of learning. Individual, paired and small group sessions available.


  • Homework Assistance Program

In center, small group assistance with school assigned homework and projects. This program operates on the school calendar.


  • Parents Morning Out Program    

Taught by experienced, licensed educators, this small group kindergarten readiness tutoring program uses a combination of technology and one-on-one instruction to teach early Reading, Math, and Science skills. Individually designed curriculums provide preschoolers (ages 3-5) with a developmentally appropriate introduction to the educational and social settings necessary for Kindergarten success. Our program follows a modified school schedule, please call for our current Parents Morning Out Program Calendar.


  • Spring Break/Summer Enrichment Program

Holiday programs designed to reteach, enrich and advance your childs academic skills during school breaks. Our program schedule allow for students Pre K- 5th grade to remain focused academically and enjoy the extracurricular activities necessary for a great school break.




  • Home School Support

An academic supplemental service for home schooling families. Lessons and activities are structured to address various interests, subjects and social areas, while meeting the educational goal of each family.











  • Exam and Licensure Preparation

A year round service designed to assist test takers in preparing and studying for professional exams. A program of study is designed for each student and sessions are structured to address test topics and format.


  • Inservice Workshops and Professional Development

Engaging hands-on workshops and discussions facilitated by experienced and highly qualified professionals. Our workshop structure and continuous follow up encourage practioners and stakeholders to utilize reflective practices in examinng and fullfilling the school or organizations mission and goals. Our programs include pre inservice meeting, inservice, follow up and training as necessary. A program and plan of action can be custom tailored to address areas of need.