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Does your child know the vocabulary of the TEST?

There are certain key words that many students are not familiar with causing them to perform poorly on classroom and standardized test.

 Check out these 12 POWER WORDS for test success

(Adapted from Larry Bell)


  • Evaluate: Judge/ check
  • Describe: Tell about it
  • Compare: Alike, tell how they are the same
  • Contrast: Different, tell how they are not the same
  • Trace: Outline, sequence
  • Formulate: Build and create, plan
  • Analyze: Tear down/take apart, think through
  • Infer: Read between the lines and make a guess, tell what you think
  • Support: Back up with details, tell why
  • Explain: List in steps, tell how
  • Summarize: Give the short version
  • Predict: Think about the future, tell what will happen next






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