FAcademics, LLC


     At FAcademics LLC, Academic Reteaching, Enriching, and Advancing are the passion that fuel the work for educators and sisters, Dr. Tamecca Fitzpatrick and Mrs. Afiya Armstrong, M.Ed. As classroom teachers and college professors, the pair recognized the benefit and need to teach in a manner that encompasses all learning styles, ability levels and skills of individual students. Throughout their time as classroom teachers, they found that most often children that fell below or above the standard bell curve required additional attention. This attention usually came in the form of reteaching or enrichment activities, which, due to time constraints proved to be difficult to provide in a classroom or group setting or in the home. After years of research and experience teaching and training teacher candidates, the pair began FAcademics LLC (Fitzpatrick Armstrong Academics). FAcademics is a boutique tutoring and learning company specializing in academic services for all ages, grades and subjects. Programs and services include private and paired tutoring, in addition to graduate school and placement test preparation.

     The company operates with the belief that education is the cornerstone of success in our society. For that reason, we are dedicated to the children in our community. If there’s a gap in education, we fill it in. If there’s an opportunity for a child to push his or her boundaries to excel further, we are right behind them.

Come see us and learn what it means to be a part of the FAcademics Family.


 "Thank you for all you do...you ladies have huge hearts and are an amazing team!"

-Parent of FAcademics student